Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Haven't Given Up Blogging

It may look like I'm no longer a blogger, but I assure you that is far from true. I'm doing a decent job *reading* blogs these days, but I have not found a lot of time for playing or blogging of my own.

While this past month's vice has been my new iPhone, the new TV season, and keeping busy with various whatnots, this next month's vice will most certainly be finding a home. The little lady and I have accepted an offer on our townhome, and while we're upside down on it, we have to get out from under it and try to start heading in the right direction with a home where all 4 walls are our own, so between now and 1/23, we will be looking for a home and moving into it.

You may think this means less playing and less blogging, but quite the contrary, I'm going to be trying to satellite like mad for the PCA, because the size of that package just so happens to be quite a significant amount in the grand scheme of our whole moving process. Lets just say if I were able to win a $13.5k prize package for PCA, that would get us right side up on the whole deal, with a little extra for a washer and dryer.

See you in the PCA Steps! Here's to running good! :-\

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