Friday, April 03, 2009

It Couldn't be Going Worse

Just wanted to check in quick and update that I am back to running bad. Or for me, about normal.

My log of my last 20 or so SNGs reads like a bad beat manual, with me getting sucked out on or getting cold-decked so hard its like its...normal. AA and KK are garbage, and I barely get a draw, let alone get there when I have one.

I was hoping to bankroll myself for a little SCOOP on PokerStars. Instead, I'm bankrolling myself for $1.20 SNGs. Well, not quite yet.

But close.

Right now I'm breaking my bankroll rules for the first time in a couple years. I should've moved down to the $5.50 level for certain by now, but I've got 2 $11 tables up and running as I type this.

The way 2009 started it, I thought things might be different. I honestly believe I'm playing about as well as I ever have, pushing my edges and putting pressure on my opponents. I've even worked on plugging a leak that started to become very obvious. I posted on Twitter the other day (@WindBreak247) that I may be the best in the world at getting my money in good, but I can't sweat an out to save my life. Usually, literally, my tournament life. 2-4 outs and you're in good shape...6+ and you may as well be a favorite.

Its really depressing. I try so hard to be disciplined and play good poker, and I got no luck when there's nothing left but cards to be laid on the table.

Anyway, that's probably enough whining. I just hoped that maybe if I posted, a little good vibes might be sent my way.

Speaking of posting, I'd love to be posting more, but unfortunately it'd be all like this. Its no fun to talk about or read about playing well and losing. So I'm sparing you the pity parties.

Please keep your eyes on this space, as I'm not giving up. Someday, somehow, I will make this a profitable, meaningful hobby, but right now I need some sort of spiritual intervention or something, because I have been plagued since the day I started this game.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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